In these trying times MANY authors are banding together to offer their books tho the public at little to no cost. The following article was posted by Nadine Peterse-Vrijhof in the Mona Marple Readers Group on FB, and posted here with her permission – find it here:

We normally don’t allow promos from other authors in here. That being said, in these crazy times, we need more books! More cozy mysteries! So we can escape! I am going to post some freebies. These are mostly only for a limited time, so grab them now!
Kris Saluga this is for you! 😘
The links are all for the US, if you are in the UK just change the com in the url to
Authors, if you have a freebie to add, please comment!
Readers, if you know more free cozy mysteries, just add them in the comments!

First the non-paranormal ones I found:

1) Humpty Bumpkin by Sam Cheever

2) Rest, Relax, Run for Your Life by Katherine H. Brown

3) The whole Familiar Legacy series! and be sure to click on show all to get the eleventh book too!

4) Agatha Frost has a lot of freebies. Go to her author page and sort the books on price from low to high.

And here the paranormal ones:

5) Ghost Mortem by ReGina Welling and Erin Lynn
Regina has more freebies, just go to her author page!

6) Witchy Business by Misty Bane
Misty has more freebies, if you click on the author when you’re on amazon, then you’ll see more!

7) Hex on the Beach by Gina LaManna
She has more freebies as well!

8) Bad to the Crone by Amanda M. Lee
She also has more freebies, if you go to her author page on Amazon and sort the books on price low to high, you’ll see!

Thanks Nadine, and happy reading fellow bookworms!