Catching Up

And it sure has been a while!

So, no excuses. I’ve been neglectful of this, my heart project, and it’s time to fix that. While I haven’t been posting, I HAVE been reading. With a hiatus in the middle of it all. I had my bilateral knee replacement surgery on rd March of this year and immediately went into a reading abyss. Not in a good way! I simply could not read, no matter how I tried.

You can imagine that for a fiction editor that wasn’t a good thing, even if we want to discount my reading for me. Thankfully – though it did last three months – I had taken some time off from editing and was finally able to “get my mojo back” before my next contract was due to start.

I’ve been reading a lot of series these few months. Immersing myself in period cozies – for the most part – that are set in the 20s to 40s. Mostly British writers, but some American stuff too.

I will repost some of my reviews here, but you can find all of my most current reads – and reviews – here on my Goodreads account:

It’s worth a look since you’ll find a few really good contemporary stories tucked in amongst the cozies. Meantime, I promise I’ll be better at updating going forward.

Thanks for sticking around!

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