Mystic Springs Paranormal Cosy Mysteries – Mona Marple

Circus of Mystic Springs – Book Six

Five of five stars given

Violet and Ellie are back!   And though Violet is a trifle reluctant, they’re in thick of another murder investigation too!  This time it’s Violet’s childhood beau.  But before the untimely truncation of his life, he had managed to astound Violet with quite a revelation.

I love these two ladies!   Violet so comfortable in her own skin, fully accepting of her powers.  Ellie just starting really to acknowledge to herself that she has powers and what those can mean.   And it would seem that she has – has always had in fact – a familiar!

Marple has done it again!   Mystic Springs is a vibrant community and in each of these books you’ll find some of the familiar characters we’ve come to love.    While I love that this thread of familiarity brings us up to date on our favourites, it’s wonderful too that each volume stands alone extremely well.   I highly recommend this latest visit to Mystic, don’t miss it!

[Many thanks to the author for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book.   The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. ]


Witches of Mystic Springs – Book Five

Five out of five stars given

An unexpected invitation to a celebration at their old alma mater brings these three witches – and their preferably forgotten school mates – together again after many long years. In the middle of what is becoming a truly wicked storm.

“This storm brought no comfort.
“We weren’t retreating into the warmth. We weren’t turning the storm into a game and closing the weather out.
“We were isolated.
“And in danger.”

And are catapulted into a murder investigation!

The witches of Mystic Springs aren’t the type of witches that I generally avoid reading about.   Mostly reluctant to use their powers, often not quite believing they have any great shakes of powers; they are an endearing lot.  Drawn with a sympathetic, humorous pen.

Marple has a way of drawing you in while weaving her tale.  This was another of those cases where I simply could not put the book down.  The surprise ending – they’re almost always a surprise to this amateurish amateur – with its touch of intrigue will still feel very fitting. 

The Mystic Springs series can easily be read as stand alone novels, but read them all, in any order. This is another truly good read, though over too soon; I have no hesitation in recommending it highly.  Even if the paranormal branch of the cozy genre isn’t the limb you usually hang from.

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