What the Hatmaker Heard – Sandra Bretting

Missy DuBois Mysteries, Book Six

Four of five stars given

Despite having fallen into a reputation for finding dead bodies, Missy fully expected her day at Honeycutt Hall to be smooth sailing.  After all, she was a guest of the bride whose veil she had designed and made.

When the groom is nowhere to be found, Missy offers to assist the groundskeeper – an old friend – in his search of the grounds. 

And find him they do.  They find him dead. 

As if that weren’t bad enough, that discovery is upstaged quickly when Missy gets the news that her own wedding venue has suffered a devastating fire.  Four weeks away from her own wedding day, she’s going to be looking for a new venue!  Inevitably, she becomes increasingly embroiled in the murder investigation, while her own wedding seems to be crumbling around her ears.

Bretting’s characters are charming but it’s obvious everyone is hiding something.  While her descriptions of the machinations that go on in the wealthy south seem a bit over the top, the characters fit the scenario perfectly.  Here is definitely a twisted tale of intrigue, misdirection, and secrets.  Stunning, unexpected secrets.  And Missy herself is perfectly cast, once again, as the milliner cum sleuth.

Although this is Book Six in the series; I hadn’t read the others and found this a great stand-alone, curiosity may impel you to read the others as well.  It’s a great tale that packs a few surprises; all the better for spending a quiet afternoon curled up with a good book!

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