Mrs. Spinney’s Secret – M S Spencer

Five of five stars

What a treat to find a new-to-me author who combines mystery and intrigue with a bit of history and a good dollop of humour too.  Mrs. Spinney’s Secret takes place in the present but many of the threads of its mystery go back to the American Revolution.  And what better setting than Maine?  Picturesque small towns, the citizens of which know everything there is to know about their neighbours – and intend to find out everything there is to know about “foreigners” too.  Especially when those foreigners are “Hollywood types”.

Though Cassidy Beauvoir – chair of the Overseer Committee, and owner of the local bookstore – exhorts council not to agree to let that movie crew work in their small town, members with stars in their eyes overrule her; and soon find out they should have listened.

While Secret is full of red herrings, and unexpected twists, Spencer injects chuckles into the narrative as well.  The usual suspects of town blowhards and busybodies intermingling with the stars lead to a good few chuckles while at the same time handing out unexpected surprises.  People are being killed, ghosts are firing guns and slamming trap doors, and it just might be that history is not recorded too accurately.

An enjoyable read, I started Mrs. Spinney’s Secret just after dinner and I didn’t not put it down till it was done.  I highly recommend it!

Pick up your copy here:

[I was fortunate to receive a copy of the book from the author through 2021 Winter Games Reader Challenge, with no obligation to review.  The opinions contained herein are entirely my own and given freely.]

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