Dewberry Farms Mysteries – Karen MacInerney

Wicked Harvest, Book Six

Five of five stars given

“Was it the weather, do you think?” Ed grimaced. “No weather I’ve ever seen can snap cables this cleanly.” “You think someone cut them on purpose, then?” I asked. “I don’t like that explanation one bit,” Ed said, his voice steely, “but that’s what it looks like to me. We’re damned lucky Nick here didn’t get killed.”

The day isn’t off to a good start when it looks as if someone has sabotaged the renovations on the Ulrich house.  Later, the Oktoberfest inaugural of the local brewery’s latest brews culminates in the dead body of one of the two owner-brothers.  Odd mishaps are cropping up all over town too, and Lucy is convinced that they aren’t just coincidences.  Lucy knows that the dullard Sheriff isn’t going to do anything like work a real investigation.   It’s up to her to find out what’s going on!

I’ve loved the Dewberry Farms mysteries – I may have to back track and review the ones before this one!  MacInerney has a genius for creating a vibrant community and endearing characters.   This series is a truly enjoyable read, hustling quickly to the resolution while tossing false trails at you.  Another great tale!

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