To Heal a Heart – Jana Richards

The Masonville series, Book Two

Five of five stars

Another heartwarming read from a new-to-me author!

We meet one of the main characters as he finds himself drawn to rescuing a horse otherwise headed for dogfood.  We meet the other when she comes across him and the horse as they are walking toward home, and berates him for how badly the poor horse has been neglected.  The inevitable crash boom happens as two major forces – both with chips on their shoulders and secrets to hide – collide.

Garrett and Jessica have scars and secrets that they each feel no one else could possibly understand.  Richards plies her craft expertly here as she drags them both kicking and screaming to the realization that nothing is ever insurmountable.

In To Heal a Heart we find a rich tapestry of pain, regret, and heartache.  But she tempers it well with hope, and ultimately love.  Richards’ characters are multifaceted and endearing, the kind of people you’d want as neighbours and friends.  And in their stories, there is loss, but also healing.

I loved this story; from the beautifully described country to the delicately handled issues, this was another book I was sad to see the end of.  I will be picking up more by this author!

Get your copy here:

[I was fortunate to receive a copy of the book from the author through the 2021 Winter Games Reader Challenge, with no obligation to review.  The opinions herein are given freely and are entirely my own.]

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