House Sitter Mysteries – Scarlet Moss

Levelled in London, Book Two

Five of five stars given

This time the Arnys are in London.  With two golden doodles – Mr Darcy & Elizabeth Bennett, Darcy & Lizzie for short – and a thrift shop to look after for twenty four days; with the part time help of another couple.   What could possibly go wrong?

Join Alen and Joan as they find themselves entangled in a murder and a robbery as suspects at first.   While Alen insists he’s not solving any more crimes, Joan on the other hand is enjoying the thought of pursuing clues.  With the help of her new best friend Grace, everything moves quickly as the women blend sight seeing and Alen’s cooking lessons with their investigations.  Another engaging crew of characters, a few red herrings tossed in along the way; and finally the solution is right there at Joan’s finger tips.

At the end of it all, the Arnys have some new best friends and have received one of their host country’s highest honours.   A great entertaining read I thoroughly enjoyed!

As an aside, I must say, I know just how Joan felt about the need to visit Harrod’s as I felt the same when we were in London this past August.   Too rich for my blood to shop in, lunch in the Food Hall was a must though.   And thanks to the far more reasonably priced “gift shop” a couple of souvenirs did manage to find their way home with me!

[Many thanks to the author for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book.   The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. ]


Exposed in Edinburgh, Book One

Four of five stars given

In the prequel to the series, we met Joan and Alen Arny, a 911 dispatcher and a sheriff respectively.   In the course of that mystery, Alen discovers that two of his best friends, who are city officials – are corrupt.  Because he felt he should have known something was off about them, he starts to question his suitability to his job.  After some soul searching and much discussion with Joan, they both decide to leave their jobs, sell all their belongings, and embark on a new life.

Enter house sitting.  In this installment the Arnys have embarked on their first official sit.  The beautiful home in Edinburgh comes complete with an adorable border collie named – quite appropriately – Sherlock; and some interesting neighbours.  

Neighbours with a problem.

A problem they’d like the retired American law-enforcement couple to resolve.

As Joan and Alen  fill their days with tours and sightseeing, enjoying cooking classes and indulging in the local fare; the couple also manages to make some discrete inquiries.

A well written story line with a few unexpected twists, Exposed is chock full of fun, truly likeable characters.  I can happily recommend this cozy, even if you haven’t read Corrupt in Corpus Christi.  It’s a great read, and I’m looking forward to the next destination for our intrepid investigators!

[Many thanks to the author for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book.   The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.]

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