Adele – Nicola Cassidy

The Forgotten Sister of Fred Astaire – a bio-fiction

Four of five stars given

This was an interesting endeavour for me.   Cassidy has written a fictional biography of a real celebrity.   Adele is the fictionalized life of Adele Astaire.  Based loosely on interviews that Astaire herself recorded for a memoir that didn’t materialize, Cassidy used those memories to fashion a story.

And what a compelling read!   Hard to put down.  Even more difficult to keep in mind that it wasn’t all reality.  I thoroughly enjoyed this glimpse into a truly iconic, extremely talented celebrity duo.

Thank you Nicola Cassidy for this book!

[Many thanks to Booksirens and the author for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.   This is my honest review, the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.]

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