Deep Dish Pizza Disaster – Jodi Rath

Cast Iron Skillet Mysteries, Book Five

Five of five stars

Lydia is pregnant.  And goes into labour at the Fall Festival.  There are a LOT of rumours and suppositions about who the father is.  She’s not telling.

But that’s not all.  There are engagements announced.  Meiser is in a wheelchair and not talking about it.  The citizens are on different sides of an important issue.  AND there’s a dead body at the Festival!!!

While Jolie and Ava tangle with the clues, suspects, and evidence, Meiser’s family makes an unwelcome appearance.  And shows no interest in leaving, in fact, they seem to have decided to make it a permanent thing!  What can Rath possibly be thinking???

Can Jolie put all the clues together in the right order while trying to keep her relationship with the secretive detective from floundering?

As we’ve come to expect from this series, Rath has given us another entertaining read.  Many of the usual loveable cast of characters is on deck for Deep Dish Pizza Disaster; but she’s also included some nogoodniks you’re not sure may not just become part of the Leavensport landscape.

And that’s what makes Deep Dish Pizza Disaster a page turner.  You aren’t putting that book down till it’s finished.  I promise!

Although Deep Dish is the newest entry in the Cast Iron Skillet franchise, it makes a great stand-alone read.  But trust me, you’ll want to binge read the back issues too.

Go get it here:

[I was fortunate to have received a pre-publication copy of this book from the author.  However, I was not required to write a review.  The opinions herein are entirely my own.]

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