Mitzy Moon Boxed Set, 1-3 – Trixie Silvertale

Five of five stars

This boxed set is a great opportunity to dig right into this entertaining, always surprising series, right at the start! Since the set gives the first three in the series, I’ll do a little bit for each of the three, trust me, these are GREAT reads, I’m so glad I found them!

Fries & Alibis, Book One

When you inherit a bookshop in “almost-Canada” . . . there’s nothing to stop you from deciding to “venture off to great lakes and mysterious harbors.”
I met Mizithra Achelois Moon in the first few pages of this new series, and honestly, I wasn’t sure I’d warm up to her. Before the end of the chapter, however, I’d definitely changed my mind.
Just hours after arriving to claim her inheritance, Mitzy finds herself arrested for the murder of a stranger she soon learns was her grandfather! Enter the mysterious Silas, the almost fatherly Odell, and the mischievous caracal called Pyewacket. As unlikely a set of sleuth’s assistants as you’d ever want to meet; soon to be joined by the otherworldly presence of Mitzy’s Grams – or Ghost-ma. What they uncover as they dig deep into both the current murder and a seemingly related one from years ago will keep you turning pages and falling head over heels for Silvertale’s characters and the small sleepy town of Pin Cherry Harbour.

Tattoos & Clues, Book Two

Mitzy is at it again. Amid dreams of a deeper “relationship” with Sheriff Erick, Mitzy finds herself drawn into another investigation with long roots in the past. Erick had, of course, cautioned her to stay out of “police business”, but when Odell – her first real friend after arriving unannounced in Pin Cherry Harbor – begs her to get to the bottom of his brother’s death, she just can’t say no.
Enter a couple of near-death situations, Pyewacket sending in the B-team to save her, and her ever-growing and developing “powers”, and we have the perfect recipe for mayhem and adventure. Silvertale doesn’t disappoint!

Wings & Broken Things, Book Three

There’s no murder this time . . . but there was a theft, and the thief saw another crime in progress.
And Mitzy – much to Sheriff Harper’s chagrin – is on the case!
And . . . what does Rory Bombay have up his sleeve? Mitzy has her work cut out for her in more ways than one in this third entry to the Mitzy Moon Collection! An intriguing mystery, with characters near and dear to my heart. Always a page-turner; the engaging inhabitants of Pin Cherry Harbor draw you into yet another mystifying event.

“You are the most irritating mammal in the universe, Pyewacket. And I think I love you.” I think I do as well. I wonder if my dachshund would welcome a caracal fur-sibling?

Grab this set as soon as you can; I can promise you exciting reading. And like me, you’ll be wanting to move to Pin Cherry just so you can eat at Myrtle’s and hear all the gossip!

[I received pre-publication copies of these books from the author with no obligation to review. This is my honest review, the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.]

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