Witch Woods Funeral Home Mysteries, Boxed Set – Morgana Best

Ghost of a Chance, Book One

Nothing to Ghost About, Book Two

Make the Ghost of it, Book Three

Ghost Stories, Book Four

Four of five stars given

Laurel Bay has returned to Witch Woods for her father’s funeral.  Having escaped as soon as she was able, returning is not something she wishes to prolong and she’s already planning her escape.  Her father had other ideas.  Upon the reading of the will, Laurel discovers that while her unpleasant mother has inherited the family home with the land it sits on, Laurel has inherited her father’s funeral home – the family business, all its assets and accoutrements.  And knowing that her mother would quickly run it into the ground, is only the beginning of Laurel’s dilemma.

I received this boxed set from the author, though it was not a requirement that I write a review.  But I was pleased to have four of the series’ books all together.  It was a binge-read.  An opportunity to get to really know the characters, their quirks and foibles, and this new-to-me author!

What a cast of characters it is too!!!  From the overbearing, belittling mother, to the family accountant who makes things interesting, to all the ghosts that are set on complicating Laurel’s life.  These are fun people, in a small town where everyone knows everyone, and anyone who is anyone all go to the “right” church.

Starting with the first volume, Laurel’s new life as the funeral home Director is fraught with dead bodies and a need to discover how they got that way.  All while trying to breathe life back into her father’s life work and dodging her mother’s efforts to bring her in line and marry her off – to a suitor of momma’s choosing, of course!

You’ll shake your head, you’ll mutter at the antics, but most of all you’ll enjoy every moment of each volume.  Personally, I look forward to the next instalment, I know you will too!!!

[Many thanks to the author for the opportunity to read this set.  I was not required to, but this is my honest review.  The opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.]

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