Death in Shanghai series – Garrett Hutson

The Jade Dragon, Book One

Five of five stars given

Shanghai in 1935.  Rough around the edges.  Divided into sectors and factions that operated independently of each other, and seemingly independently of any real legal oversight.   The Koreans are lower than third class citizens.   The Japanese think they run the show.   The Americans and Brits like to think they’re on top of it, but they aren’t.  At the underside of everything, with their fingers at the pulse of anything official – the Chinese Mafia.

This is the Shanghai Doug Bainbridge arrives from San Francisco to find.   Where he runs into an old school chum and reconnects.  Where they visit a well known Chinese nightclub for an evening on the town.  Which Tim pays for with his life.

Catapulted into something he really doesn’t understand, Doug is nonetheless compelled to find out what happened; why his friend was killed.  In the process Doug learns a few unexpected, perhaps even unpleasant things about himself.

Hutson has an engaging way of weaving a story filled with unexpected twists that simply keeps you riveted.  His characters are interesting . . . beguiling . . . fascinating.  Notwithstanding that you neither like nor trust some of them . . . much . . . you are drawn to their stories.

I could not put this one down.  I venture to say you won’t either.   Highly recommend!

[Many thanks to the author for the opportunity to read a copy of this book.   This is my honest review, the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own. ]

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