Survival Instinct – Fiona Quinn

Cerberus Tactical K9, Book One

Five of five stars

[I was offered a copy of this book pre-publication and invited to Beta read for the author. I was not in any way expected to give a review. I am doing so freely and all of the opinions expressed herein are my own.]

Full disclosure: I was prepared to love Survival Instinct because I have so far loved everything Fiona Quinn has written.  And I was in no way disappointed. Quinn’s books are a bit of a departure from the usual mysteries, but that is part of the attraction.  There is definitely a life or death thriller aspect, but they – for the most part – lack the gore present in so many others, and they always include a touch of romance.  Oh it’s not too overbearing, so don’t let that push you away from reading.  But it IS definitely there. 

Survival Instinct drew me in from the start.  Trip and Valor and their aborted exercise had me thinking.  Right from the first couple of chapters, I was invested in knowing how things ended up for the Team.  Enter Dani.  Seemingly far from crossing paths, but I wanted Trip and Dani to find their way to each other. 

I have not often been this invested in the romance aspect of a book.  The conflicts and struggles encountered here, however, lend a feeling of “will they make it” which is something Quinn is masterful at.

Survival Instinct is certainly a story of two people.  Though they are surrounded by the rest of the Cerberus Team, this is about them. How their paths cross almost as if they were predestined.  Can they, will they survive challenges and almost insurmountable odds?

Quinn writes a gripping story.  Well plotted, it’s easy to see the research that has gone into the work.  Survival Instinct is no holds barred, I simply couldn’t stop reading it.  I felt a bit bereft when it was over.  I wasn’t quite ready to let go.

I subsequently recommended Survival Instinct – and Fiona – to a good friend; but told her to be wary, that she’d find herself hooked.  And she will.  I think you will too.

Today is Survival Instinct’s Book Birthday – available from Amazon and many other retailers – go see for yourself why Quinn deserves a spot on your favourite authors list!

I promise, you WILL love it . . . and want a Valor of your own!!! 🐾🐾💚

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