Baker Street Cozy Mysteries – CeeCee James

Five of five stars, this is a really good cozy series!

Slash in the Pan, Book Five

There’s a body in the subdivision where Joe is general contractor .  It’s maybe not surprising that they’re looking no further than Joe for their killer.  But Georgie was maid of honour when Joe and Kari – her best friend – got married; and no one’s going to get any rest till she’s figured out the real truth!

Things start to look worse instead of better, then somehow her dead fiancé seems to have been mixed up in some of what she finds.  Is this going to be the undoing of Georgie?

James has pulled some seemingly random threads in this one, but that’s where her talent at whodunits shines through.   You will love it; I sure did!

Drizzle of Death, Book Four

This time Georgie’s sniffing that things aren’t as they normally are in the Amish community she often visits.  When she loses the young Amish girl Mary and her troubled friend Jacob, Georgie knows she’s likely made matters worse and sets out to fix it.

As she delves into the truth of the incident, some eerie similarities start to come out regarding her fiancé’s death.  And it seems that Frank is rekindling something with an old army buddy – of the female variety.

Life is a series of misadventures for Georgie and crew, but there’s never a dull moment in this tiny tourist town.  Another great installment in the series, I can highly recommend!

Crème Brulée to Slay, Book Three

Georgie’s funds have been a mite slow coming in with the tourist wane so she’s taken on a side gig as server at a posh dinner.  And wouldn’t you know it, just when it all seems to be going well, someone’s missing from the dinner table, and is found dead in another room.  Anaphylactic shock?  Or murder? 

Georgie plans to find out before her caterer friend is left holding the can!

And it looks like things between her and Frank are really starting to heat up!  Another great time spent with what are quickly  taking their place among my favourite characters!

Cookies and Scream, Book Two

Running historical tours in conjunction with Aunt Cecelia’s Bed & Breakfast, is a new gig for Georgie.  One she put together after leaving the big city when her fiancé was killed.  But it’s working.  The fact that she’s home, in the town she grew up in, with her Auntie, good counselling – and Frank too – has gone a long way towards helping her finally heal.

At a reenactment, a gun goes off and actually kills one of the actors.  There’s all sorts of controversy that comes out about the victim, and circumstantial evidence points to another of the reenactors, an old high school friend of Georgie’s.  When he swears he’s innocent and begs Georgie to help him, she can hardly refuse!

Another exciting adventure for Georgie, and a bit more of her own personal healing too.  The characters are endearing, and the story is a definite page turner; I highly recommend!

Cherry Pie or Die, Book One

Set in an historic area of Pennsylvania, Baker Street Bed & Breakfast is the perfect place for Georgie to come home to.  Though she loved her job as a paralegal in the city, the unexplained death of her fiancé left her heart hurting, and she needed to come home.

What she didn’t need was a murder.  One of her tour group is murdered during a guided visit to an historic home.  Something just doesn’t seem right though, and soon Georgie is doing a bit of investigating, while she battles demons of her own. 

James has created a quaint village with engaging characters.   There’s the requisite curmudgeon or two, the mysterious young woman, and a host of others to toss is red herrings as we try to decipher the clues.

Thoroughly enjoyed this first entry into this new to me series.  binge reading is a real advantage of starting a series when there are already several volumes released.  Highly recommend this new sleuth!

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