Charleton House Mysteries – Kate P Adams

Sleep Like the Dead, Book Three

Five of five stars given

The Manor is hosting a sleep over.  Sixty history buffs paid for the privilege of a full on Dickens inspired meal, a proper dance hosted by the “Duke and Duchess”, and a chance to sleep among the art and artifacts that Charleton House holds.  

Of course, there is a hint of drama just to keep things interesting.  And a dead body.  Sophie – no surprise there – has found it!   After a bit of mix up as to WHO the body was, she and Mark with a bit of help from Bill, are off to assist Joe in uncovering the miscreant.

As we’ve come to expect, Adams sprinkles historical data among the clues and misdirection; with a cast of characters we know and love.  It’s always an entertaining time spent in the company of Sophie, Mark, Joyce and crew; the pages fly by till Sherlock Lockwood stumbles across the villain.  I highly recommend this latest episode in the Charleton House Mysteries.

[Many thanks to the author for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.  I was not required to write a review.  This is my honest review, the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.]


A Killer Wedding, Book Two

Five of five stars given

In Book Two of the Charleton House Mysteries, there’s a wedding set to take place in the State Dining Room.  It’s all going well until the wedding photographer is found in the Antler Room, dead.  Pierced through by a fallen set of antlers.

Detective Joe is on the case together with DS Harnby who is keeping a wary eye on Sophie, but Sophie is determined to unravel the mystery.  Especially when Chef Gregg – an essential member of her team – seems to have aroused the DS’s suspicion.

And it looks like Joyce has found her long lost childhood sweetheart and may be pulling up stakes for Australia!

There’s lots going on in Derbyshire this time and Sophie is right in the middle of it!

“I had once compared trying to solve a murder with working on a recipe: putting all the clues, or ingredients, together, figuring out quantities and new flavours, and working out what I could make with them. Well, right now I didn’t have enough ingredients to make a basic sponge cake and it was driving me up the wall.”

Adams has crafted an entertaining mystery that certainly kept me guessing.  Thank goodness Sophie got to the bottom of things because I certainly did not!  Can’t wait to see what she gets up to next!

[Many thanks to the author for the opportunity to read an Advance Reader Copy of this book.   This is my honest review, the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.]


Death by Dark Roast, Book One

Five of five stars given

Sophie Lockwood has been managing the cafes at Charleton House for approximately a year.  It’s been an eventful year because Sophie often finds herself in the midst of murder investigations.  She simply cannot help herself; she simply has to unearth the truth.

Death by Dark Roast takes Sophie into the realm of robberies and fraud as well as murder.  But nothing will deter her from getting the culprit.

Adam’s characters are colourful- I especially love Joyce and Mark – engaging and good fun.  They lend a welcoming air and produce laughter in the most unexpected places.  A great read that I thoroughly enjoyed, I think you will too!

[Many thanks to the author for the opportunity to read a copy of this book.  This is my honest review, the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.]


A Stately Murder, A Prequel

Sophie’s only been at Charleton House a few months, but is thoroughly enjoying learning about her surroundings, its family, and their history.  Finding a corpse wasn’t generally part of the tour, nonetheless Sophie has!

In a convoluted story involving a 17th century Duke, a painter, and murder, Adams has woven a gripping tale.  Dotted with engaging characters and bits of humour, the pages kept turning, almost of their own accord.  Highly recommend!

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