The Framed Father – J R Mathis

The Father Tom Mysteries, Book Two

Five of five stars

Father Tom finds himself back in Myerton.  Temporarily according to the Archbishop.  Which is a good thing since Tom really is happy serving the pastoral needs of Our Lady of the Mount Monastery.  But when the Archbishop says “immediately” he MIGHT mean you can stop to pack a bag.  Though he’d only left four months prior, Tom dutifully heads back to St Clare’s Parish.

Mathis has done it again.  With some of the characters we came to know and love in Penitent Priest, he begins another tale of misdirection, subterfuge, and long-held revenge.  While Detective Parr is hell-bent on wrapping it up quickly, Father Greer has entirely other ideas.

The Framed Father takes you on a heart-tugging journey.  An unjustly accused cleric.  A young woman whose reputation is in tatters because of wagging tongues.  Father Tom knows there’s more to all of this than what that anonymous complaint alluded to.  Will he get to the bottom of it before someone innocent pays the ultimate price?

Based on how engrossing Book One was, I didn’t hesitate to pre-order Framed FatherMathis has a talent for twists, turns, subplots, and surprises and I didn’t want to miss a single paragraph of Father Tom’s newest investigation.  As we’ve already come to expect from this new-to-me author, Framed was another unputdownable read delivering totally unexpected sucker punches.

You will love Father Tom – Father Brown he’s not . . . he’s better!!!

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