The Watchman of Rothenberg Dies: A German Cozy Mystery – Adriana Licio

The Homeswappers Mysteries, Book One

Five of five stars

After the prequel piqued my interest in this new series, I waited with great anticipation for Book One!  The Watchman of Rothenberg Dies did not disappoint!

We catch up with Etta and Dora – now sharing Etta’s family home back in Italy, and Dora’s car for their travels – as they are on the last leg of their journey to Rothenberg Germany and their FIRST Homeswappers Holiday.  Etta, as is her nature, is still unsure what her friend Dora has got her into.  Dora, on the other hand also true to her nature, is unstintingly optimistic, convinced this will be a brilliant holiday.

Except.  The first evening in their temporary home, while taking the Night Watchman’s Tour of the city, brings them face to face with a dead body.  As if that weren’t enough, circumstances would have it that the ladies are now responsible for the poor dead man’s basset hound, called Napoleon.

The neighbour’s son becomes the Police Chief’s prime – only – suspect.  Which of course compels the retired teachers once again to investigate a murder that the police will otherwise wrap up far too quickly.  As they “stick their noses” where the Chief doesn’t want them, they do find an accomplice of sorts in the police sergeant.  The officer is all too aware of the Chief’s haste to close the case.

Licio once again does what she does best in this new series.  With her vivid descriptions, endearing characters, and several red herrings, this narrative keeps you on the edge of your seat.  Unlike her Italian Village Mysteries where you have many recurring characters, The Homeswappers will tour all over Europe in their little FIAT.  Each new adventure will find them in some other part of Europe, with a whole new cast of intriguing, perhaps even suspicious characters.  I’m not sure if I look forward to her scenic descriptions or the mysteries this duo will uncover more.  The affable Dora, the ostensibly dour Etta; then add Leon???  Oh my!

An entertaining read from a favourite author, I thoroughly enjoyed Watchman of Rothenberg and look forward to the travelers’ next adventure – a wedding in Mecklenberg.  What could possibly go wrong?

The Watchman of Rothenberg Dies releases on 1st September, but preorders are open now.

[I was fortunate to receive an Advanced Reader Copy of the book from the author but was not required to write a review.  The opinions expressed herein are given freely and are entirely my own.]

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