FBI Joint Task Force – Fiona Quinn

Five of five stars given to the series

Even Odds, Book Three

Delta Force wives are being threatened in an attempt to force their spouses not to re-up.  That these deep secret identities and contract information are somehow getting out there is what the alphabet soup people are out to figure out and end.

Raine Meyers is ex Delta Force, coming back after a long absence, it’s her assignment to put a stopper to the leak.  Because she owes them for saving her life. And because that’s what she does. That it puts her undercover as the now retired wife of a Delta Force operative – that she was engaged to years ago, in another life – will change life as she knows it in ways she doesn’t even envision . . . yet.

Another no holds barred adventure for the joint mission.

Each of these three volumes is great as a stand alone, but they interweave seamlessly with Quinn’s whole thriller list.  I first found Fiona Quinn with Open Secret, the first in this trilogy.  Locked down ownership of the other two without even blinking an eye.   Sadly – no, not really – I’m going back to catch up her whole back list, I don’t want to miss any of them, you won’t either.   Promise!


Cold Red, Book Two

Undercover operatives, moles, double agents.  When a disgraced undercover operative meets up with a double agent, the sparks are flying.  But there’s danger on the horizon too. When the smoke clears and the bodies are counted, who will be left standing?

This fast paced spy thriller has all the bells and whistles.  Add in romance and you have a book you just cannot put down.

Quinn is a skillful weaver when it comes to equal threads of danger and romance, this is definitively her genre.  The characters come alive and grab you with no intention of letting go till they’re done.

I highly recommend this second entry in the Task Force series; in fact, while you set about catching up, I’m heading deep into Book Three.


Open Secret, Book One

“A new brand of terror. A terror that started with a spark in an American citizen, that fire was fanned with the fear and anger of like-minded Americans in their artificial communities, and then blown into an inferno by our enemies abroad.”

“A conflagration that could wipe out the united part of the United States of America.”

Open Secret isn’t Quinn’s first rodeo in the spy thriller genre.  In fact there are whole series’ of adventures that feature Iniquus, as well as other security and government organizations.  Open Secret is the first of three entries in the FBI Joint Task Force set.

Surprising and action-packed, this no-punches-pulled narrative grabs the reader in the first chapter, and doesn’t let go till the last chapter closes.

“Things are much more serious: we meddle with your brains, we change your conscience – and you have no clue what to do about it.” ~ Surkov.

Rowan Kennedy is FBI.  His latest assignment has him investigating foreign governments using video games as vehicles to foment unrest.  Avery Goodyear is an editor of romance novels who’s been thrown for a loop when she finds that her new author assignment is “a science fiction author with video game adaptation”.

““First,” Lisa ticked off on her fingers, “they help solidify and entrench gamers in their personal ideology and belief systems. Second, they train the player to be angry and afraid. Third, it teaches the player that they will be rewarded for violent action. And fourth, it helps those of like minds communicate completely anonymously.””

Quinn’s storyline has more twists and turns than a Grand Prix race track; but the way she weaves it all together is masterful!  She has created a great cast of characters that keep you involved in their lives, right to the end.   This is a thoroughly enjoyable, suspenseful read, go get it!   And while you’re doing that, I’ll be looking up the rest of her bibliography!

[Many thanks to the author for the opportunity to read this book, in conjunction with the Winter Games Reader Challenge.   The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. ]

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