Her Last Summer – Melinda Woodhall

Veronica Lee Thrillers, Book One

Five of five stars given

A great start to a new series, by a new-to me author!

The story starts out with a dead body, and identifies both the victim and the murderer.  I like an author who gets that out of the way first.  There’s no trying to outguess our sleuth on the whodunnit side.  The excitement will come from whether the villain can outsmart the investigators.  Or will they get too cocky?

This villain is a little different.  This villain has left too many loose ends.  This villain is running scared.  And when you’re running scared, you make mistakes.  Mistakes that can give you away.  Mistakes that can put you behind bars . . . or worse.

Woodall has an intriguing premise here, and crafts her story well. Suspense runs rampant.  What’s next?   Who’s next?   Her characters are interesting and engaging – even those who are only around for a chapter or two.   The villain too has your curiosity piqued; there’s more to their story!  The tale is filled with road blocks and twists, you’ll be hanging on to the edge of your chair with one hand while you flip pages with the other.

Don’t miss this exciting first volume!  And set your Kindle alerts to let you know each time the next in the series is ready!  Trust me on this!

[Many thanks to Booksirens and the author for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.   This is my honest review, the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.]

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