Sisters in a Small Town – Holly Kerr

Five of five stars given – to each book of the three in the series

Coming Home, Book One

Brenna is a high-powered corporate lawyer.  Working more hours than she spends at home.  When she walks in on her husband to find her assistant under his desk, she can’t even say she’s really surprised.  But being asked to resign because of her reaction, while he – and the assistant – keep their jobs, seems to be the catalyst she needed.  So she heads home.

Home isn’t the warm welcome most would expect, she’s been away with little to no contact for too many years.  But it is home, and it’s where she needs to be, for now.

Kerr is masterful in crafting relationship struggles that speak to the reader.  The characters come to life in the narrative, her descriptions of the conflicts – old and long standing, as well as new – immediately pull you into the story.  Here is a chronicle of family, resentments, and a slow, steady rebuilding of relationships.

Highly recommend!

Hanging On, Book Two

The story picks up where Coming Home left off – at the funeral of their paternal grandfather and the arrival of Dory, another long-estranged sister.

The sisters have started to learn truths about each other and their parents; to accept the past, and are beginning their individual journeys of forgiveness. 

Kerr has not disappointed with her insight and understanding of the many conflicting emotions that come into play with these relationships, and her delicacy in handling them, with reasonable and believable resolutions make the reading all that much more intense.  This isn’t a shallow “beach read” but a story that demands your full investment; and I gave it happily.

These women, with all their weaknesses and tenacity, are strong and staunchly loyal.  They are women I’d happily include in my circle of friends. 

Stepping Up, Book Three

There’s a lot of turmoil in this last instalment of the Skatt sisters’ story, much growth happening as well.  As the pieces of their own puzzles fall inexorably into place, these women learn about themselves and each other, their relationships, and the fact that coming home was something that was necessary in order for all of them to have peace and completion.

Long held resentments combine with the unbreakable bonds of sisterhood to make Sisters in a Small Town a compelling, sometimes uncomfortable read.  But one that you will be all the better for having read in all its parts.

This series is definitely one of the top ten reads of this year for this reader!

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