Christmas Corpse – Mona Marple

A Christmas Cozy Mystery, Book One

Five of five stars

So here’s the thing, I’m not really a reader of holiday-themed books.  Like holiday-themed movies – think Hallmark Christmas Romances – they simply don’t entice me.  That said, when an author whose books you follow avidly asks you to read her Christmas story – you do, because, well, good writers are people you support, period!

Enter Mona Marple and Christmas Corpse.  Book One of the Christmas Cozy Mysteries.

Meet Holly Wood – yep, her parents definitely had a sense of humour, her sister is named August.

Holly is a doctor who generally does locum duties for various holidaying doctors, and she likes it that way.  On the last day of her current contract – just days before Christmas – she is leaving the surgery somewhat later than usual, in the midst of a snowfall, and has an accident.  After briefly blacking out, she awakens to find an elderly lady with her, trying to help.  Her saviour ultimately takes Holly home with her to oversee the recovery once she hears that no one is waiting for Holly at home.

A highway exit Holly had never noticed before, a quaint village that just seems too magical to be real, and suddenly Holly’s life pre-accident is appearing rather empty.

Within hours of arriving, there’s a dead body.  Her Good Samaritan is accused of the murder.  And Holly feels compelled to work with the woman’s son and the affable police chief to get to the bottom of it!

As Holly does her best to find the culprit, she is also learning about this magical place and the people who live here.  And feeling as if she might not want to leave.  You won’t want to leave either.

A great first volume in a new series, Christmas Corpse is also a bit different.  It is a seasonal series, and though Marple promises a new adventure for these amiable characters – it will be but once a year!  I’m not sure I can wait that long; having been captivated by Holly, I’m anxious to read more.  I highly recommend it!

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[I was fortunate to receive an Advanced Reader Copy of this book from the author, with no obligation to review.  The opinions expressed herein are given freely and entirely my own.]

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