Sam Jameson Novels – Lars Emmerich

The Incident, a two volume set
Five of five stars given

Book One – Inferno Rising

Samantha Jameson runs a counterintelligence department.   Air Force Colonel Brock James is a top fighter pilot and Sam’s lover.

“Quinn” is known as a “wetman”.  That means he literally spends his day killing fellow humans.  He’s an assassin, among other things.  For hire.  There are a few of these in this story.

Emmerich builds a labyrinthine plot in this action-packed novel that starts the excitement from the first chapter and keeps it up through to the very last page.  

I’m not sure how I feel yet about the cliff hanger ending.  The novel was offered at no charge – as an intro to the continuing series – by the author himself.   Book One ends with an offer of the next book – also free and readily available.   I’ll hold off on a judgement till I’ve read that one as well.

If you’re considering picking this up – it really is a well written story with some great characters, even the ones you don’t like – I’d suggest grabbing them both so that your run through is uninterrupted.

Book Two – Reckoning

‘”I love this spy shit, ” Brock said.  “Where do we get our ninja stars and exploding pens? “
‘”Sorry, ” Sam said.   “We spend all our money hiring people to write emails to each other. “‘

So, Book Two.  While I was at first put off by the cliff hanger ending in the first book, all is forgiven.   And, as I mentioned above, you can easily grab them both.   Treat it as one extra long book.   Worth it.

Not for the faint of heart, The Incident is about the brutality of today’s corporate run world.   There were myriad places where I stopped and told myself “It’s only fiction!”  But in the climate today, it rings all too real!

I love that Sam is a tough broad, takes no nonsense, is at the top of her game, and when she knows what’s right, she goes no holds barred.   She doesn’t need a man to “rescue her”, she’ll rescue herself – and her man – thank you very much!

This is a convoluted tale of treachery, double dealing, revenge, and avarice . . . rapacious avarice.  Masterfully written, the sordid tale plays out well.  The characters are larger than life, but captivating none the less.  I would advise reading it when you have plenty of time.   Each time I had to put this down, I raced back to continue. 

Emmerich offers this two volume intro to the series at no charge, directly from him.   The rest of the series is also available – at a discounted price – through his website.   Even if this isn’t a genre you usually read, I highly recommend you check it out!   I’m looking forward to losing myself in the rest of Sam’s adventures!

[Many thanks to the author for the opportunity to read these books.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. ]

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