St Marins Cozy Mystery Series – ACF Bookens

Series Box Set, Volume One, Books One thru Three

five stars

I LOVE boxed sets, they make digging into a new series effortless AND binge-able!

Harvey fell in love with St Marin after a summer spent there as a child. When a divorce and job loss mean she needs to start over, it makes sense that she finally follows her dream and opens a book shop in that same small Maryland town.

In the first three volumes of this series we meet Harvey and Mayhem in the days before the Grand Opening of All Booked Up where, on the eve of the long-awaited day, she finds a dead body in her storage room!

And the excitement, intrigue, and investigation commence.

Bookens crafts her characters well, imbuing them with humour and moxie, and giving glimpses that make us fully invested, right from the start. As you make your way through these first three volumes, she will introduce townspeople who will become friends, but also you will learn about the people Harvey has left behind in San Francisco – some willingly – and why they ultimately make St Marin their home.

Great characters, unique and intriguing plots; these all come together in St Marins to form the basis of a series of mysteries that I guarantee will soon become favorites!

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