Tea, Anyone? – SR Mallery

A Brooke and Abby Cozy Mystery, Book One

Five of five stars given

Brooke does research.  Mostly for the library, but also for the local detectives.   Henry, is a professor Emeritus who fell on hard times, till Brooke found him and helped him.  He does research now too.   And he’s Brooke’s roommate and the “grandfather she could truly love”.

Not so social Brooke, is pushed into learning more about her “hippy dippy” neighbour Abby, when Junebug makes a break for it through a badly latched door.  What are the odds that they end up having so much in common?   That is, until Abby starts talking about her “gifts”.

Mallery has built a quirky world with amiable characters.  Cross a “strictly the facts” researcher with a time traveling hippie and there’s bound to be sparks flying.  But will those sparks lead to answers?  Mallery’s story grabs you and draws you right in.   You’ll soon be cheering on the sidelines for Brooke and Abby like they were your best friends.

A great read, fast paced, it weaves seamlessly in and out between 18th century and present day America.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to the next books in this new-to-me series.  You will too!

[Many thanks to the author for the opportunity to read this book, in conjunction with the Winter Games Reader Challenge.   The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. ]

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