Trunk Doctor Mysteries – Sara McFerrin

So, a while ago I happened to meet – virtually you understand – Sara McFerrin, a writer of mysteries and thrillers etc.   I hadn’t read any of her other books – so many books, so little time – but she was just starting out with a series in the cozy genre and needed people to read her work and give honest opinions. 

She was intrigued by my name, and thought she might use it for a character, which I was tickled by.  And excited!

So of course, I wanted to read something written by her, in hopes that I would like it and so also like seeing my name used.   She agreed that was the thing to do, and since Book One was out AND it was already in my TBR, I dug in.


What She Saw
Trunk Doctor Mysteries, Book One
By Sara McFerrin
Five out of five stars given

Contrary to what I thought, a Trunk Doctor repairs and restores old trunks.  Innocuous you’d think, right?  You’d be wrong.

Enter Jixson Haynes.  Jix and her good friend Abby just can’t resist a mystery.   Watching them as they discover a diary in Jix’ latest commission, and are compelled to investigate what seems to point to the diarist’s tragic demise, makes for an entertaining read.   A bit of mayhem, a surprise or two, a madcap Keystone Cop-like chase, and a cast of characters as inviting and endearing as is Jix herself.

I read this first “episode” of the Trunk Doctor series in one afternoon.   It’s THAT good!   Well written, witty, unconventional, with truly endearing, heart warming characters – before reading McFerrin’s book I didn’t even know being a trunk doctor was a “thing”!  Bet you didn’t either!

Book Two – Some Prefer Stilettos – is undergoing final revisions and comes out shortly [I was lucky enough to be given an uncorrected ARC, my review of it follows!].   Do yourself a favour, don’t wait for the second book, read Book One first if you can.   While any of the books can stand alone quite nicely, you won’t want to miss one minute of the adventures with this dynamic duo, and it’s always more fun to follow along chronologically.  I heartily recommend this great read!

Some Prefer Stilettos
Trunk Doctor Mysteries, Book Two
by Sara McFerrin
Five out of five stars given

In this second appearance, Jix and Abby’s mystery doesn’t come from a trunk.   This time a relative of Jix’ has disappeared – not of her own volition.  It’s up to Jix and Abby, with the help of Detective Bird and others, to find her before it’s too late!  And in the meantime they uncover a dastardly plan to rob cousin Marigold of her fortune!

There are some untrustworthy, unsavoury characters doing their best to derail Jix and Abby, under the guise of being helpful.   But there are also a couple of youngsters who are integral to saving the day.

This is another action packed read, and another time I literally read from word first to word last in the same day!  McFerrin spins out her story well, keeping your interest throughout it all.  Those characters you’ve quickly come to love will have you waiting with bated breath for the next Trunk Doctor adventure.   And in this volume there is even a character I’m particularly hopeful will make more appearances! I was lucky enough to have the author ask to use my name for one of the characters! And I am tickled pink!

[Many thanks to the author for the opportunity to read an uncorrected advance copy of this book.   The opinions expressed herein are entirely my own. ]

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