Pineapple Upside Down Murder – Jodi Rath

Cast Iron Skillet Mysteries, Book One

Five of five stars

Meet Jolie Tucker. She and her lifelong bestie Ava own Cast Iron Creations, a small cozy restaurant that uses Jolie’s family cast iron pan recipes to keep her clientele fed and happy.

Leavensport is a great town filled with people who have known each other forever. But someone has stolen Jolie’s recipe box. Straight out of the “secret” hiding place! On the heels of that discovery, she rushes out her back door to discover Ellie Siler dead. In the dumpster!

When Jolie’s grandma – and Ellie’s best friend – becomes the prime suspect, the girls get to sleuthing. After all, when the police have shut down your place of business while THEY investigate, what else are you going to do? Rath has given us two mysteries to solve here, but somehow you just know the two events are linked.

Pineapple Upside Murder is a well written, entertaining read. Rath has created a whole village of characters that take no time at all to make you their friends. All through the book, I found myself hoping that none of these great people I’d just met turned out to be a murderer!

Book One of a series that already has several volumes – all the better for binge-reading – I know that Jolie and Ave, and all the residents of Leavensport will soon be among my favourite cozy characters!

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