San Francisco Cozy Mysteries – Susan McCormick

Fog Ladies: Family Matters [Marriage can be deadly]

San Francisco Cozy Mysteries, Book Two

Five stars

They’re back and they’re getting into it again!

“Because you can count on them like the early morning fog.”  —  Frances Noonan

That is how Mrs Noonan explains the nickname these ladies have given themselves.  In a more expanded description, San Francisco weather is a constant you can count on, and so are the Fog Ladies.

These ladies are wonderful!  Caring, nurturing, feisty, and ready to pitch in with whatever is needed – well, most of them are – and opinionated, as you would expect ladies “of a certain age” to be.  In Fog Ladies One [Old age can be deadly], we met these five ladies and their young friend Sarah – an intern.  We watched as they solved a murder, and we patiently waited till they came back for more.  And come back they did!

With their no-nonsense approach, these ladies can cut to the chase and come to almost the right conclusions.  But they get there in the end, and they sure beat me to the punch! 

McCormick has created a cast of characters that is engaging, endearing, and entertaining.  The interaction between these five causes me many a chuckle.  I love them.  The suspense created, the many threads of side stories, the climax to the conclusion, all weave together to showcase a talented writer who pulls you into an unputdownable read.

I highly recommend this book, in fact – though the books do standalone extremely well – I recommend getting caught up with book one also, and then settling in for what will become one of your favourite cozy mystery series’!

[I was fortunate in receiving an ARC copy of this book from the author but was in no way required to write a review.  The opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.]

Fog Ladies [Old age can be murder]

San Francisco Cozy Mysteries, Book One

Five stars

When her elderly neighbours start dying, Sarah is convinced it’s a function of old age.  But not so The Fog Ladies!  Determined to prove that their neighbours are victims of a dastardly plot, they are off in search of clues that will trap the miscreant.  That they pull Sarah in along the way is only what’s necessary.

An easy, quick read; I found Fog Ladies to be highly entertaining too!  My first venture into McCormick’s work, will certainly not be my last.  She has a way with writing a narrative that completely occupies your mind.  I hope to see much more of these ladies in future books!

[Many thanks to Voracious Readers and the author for the opportunity to read a copy of this book. I was not required to write a review. The opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.]

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[I have no affiliation with the link or the author.]

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