Face of Murder – Blake Pierce

A Zoe Prime Mystery, Book Two

Five of five stars given

Meet Special Agent Zoe Prime.   Zoe has a secret that she shares with almost no one.  Zoe Prime is a synesthete.   In her own words:  “I see numbers everywhere. I understand them intuitively. It’s how I’m able to solve many of our cases. It’s a special ability I have.”

In this second entry into the Zoe Prime Mysteries, we see a person battling demons.  Keeping a part of themself away from those around them.  Craving connections that at the same time they push away.   Struggling to quiet the demons of a childhood of being indoctrinated with “you’re evil”, in order to solve the case at hand before time runs out.

In many ways, while also being very different, Zoe puts me in mind of another favourite heroine.  Genevieve Lenard of Estelle Ryan’s Connection series, taps into her high functioning autism to get to the bottom of heinous crimes.  I find myself more and more drawn to main characters that are not cookie cutter perfect.

A fast-paced crime story, Pierce has written a scenario here that stops hearts while it boggles and intrigues the mind.  Filled with appealing characters, Face of Murder is an excellent read.   I’ll be backtracking to Book One – Face of Death – before I look for Book Three.  I want to know as much of Zoe’s story as possible.   You will as well!

[Many thanks to Booksirens and the author for the opportunity to read a copy of this book.  This is my honest review, the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.]

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