Danger Signs – Fiona Quinn

Delta Force Echo, Book One

Five of five stars

When Ty is pegged for a new CIA joint mission, his first thought was that he’s tactical and K9 ops, not psyops.  He is, however, the best one for this assignment – to make the target fall in love with him, thus giving him access to the terrorist the mission is tasked with taking down.

His target – Qatari royalty with a dilemma of her own to face.  She’s an American, born in America of Qatari parents, but her father has passed away.  Which, now that she’s done her Ph.D., puts under the aegis of her uncle.  In Qatar, under Sharia law.  And he’s found her an acceptable husband, so she’s been ordered home; back to the family compound.  After close to thirty years with no one to answer to, does she accept marriage to the stranger chosen by her uncle or face certain death by honour killing?

There is much at stake – including the lives of innocents – when her uncle’s marriage plans for her coincide with Ty’s mission. 

Quinn has once again penned a story that packs a powerful punch of both intrigue and romance.  The research this author invests in each new volume of her Iniquus World is simply daunting and what keeps this reader always coming back for the next one.  Danger Signs isn’t just about the danger encountered every time these men and women are out in the field, but also about the danger that threatens the heart – when the last thing your mission needs is for your heart to be entangled.

Par for the course with Quinn’s books, Danger Signs kept me up all night till the threads were all woven together.  A page-turning, unputdownable, wild ride you will not want to miss, promise!

pick up your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/Danger-Signs-Delta-Force-Echo-ebook/dp/B08PTMDRGT/

[I was fortunate to receive a prepublication copy of the book from the author with no obligation to review.  The opinions expressed herein are given freely and are entirely my own.]

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