Black Jade: A Daiyu Wu Mystery – Gloria Oliver

Daiyu Wu Mysteries Book One

five stars

A new kind of totally unexpected!

Daiyu Wu is a different sort of sleuth. Young, cerebral, unexpected, the blind Miss Wu uses her finely honed senses to help find the truth when others are content to look at the surface and call it done. In 1930s society this is hardly an acceptable pastime for a young lady; that Miss Wu is also of Chinese heritage muddies the waters further still. For “them”.

But a mere chapter or two into the reading of Oliver’s book, and you will know – as I did – that there is nothing to be discounted about this discerning young woman and her intrepid defender Prince Razor. And we must remember Jacques as well.

Carefully crafted characters – I especially loved Dr Aiden Campbell – that will keep you engaged as their story unfolds. An intriguing storyline that never ceases to amaze. And a historical setting that has been well researched and brought to life. These are some of the attributes of Black Jade, and they are the reason that I will look forward to many more of Daiyu’s escapades as she leaves law enforcement befuddled in her wake.

[I was fortunate to receive a copy of this book from the author via Cozy Mystery Review Crew, with no obligation to review. The opinions expressed herein are given freely and entirely my own.]

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