Preserved – Fiona Sherlock

Five stars

A new-to-me author with a great fun read!

Right upfront with full-disclosure, I admit that I am predisposed to love books set in Ireland.  Pair that with a good whodunnit, old-fashioned detective story and you’ve got me!

January Quail is a journalist who writes about antiquities.  When a “bog body” is found in Ardee, January is dispatched to get the goods.  What she gets is a mystery, when it’s quickly discovered that this is no 1,000 year-old corpse, though it’s been staged as one.  Can she find out the truth when even the Gardai seem uninclined?

Sherlock [what a great name for a mystery writer!] pulls it all together with red herrings, more dead bodies, and a secret so old it would never have been unearthed otherwise.  Preserved is a fun read that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Highly recommend!!!

[I was fortunate to receive a copy of the book from the author via BookSirens, with no obligation to review.  The opinions herein are given freely and are entirely my own.]

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