Widow Redefined – Kim Cano

Four of five stars given

When she notices strange flowers starting to appear on her late husband’s grave, the young wife is shocked.  Did he have secrets from her?  Was there another woman?  Who feels they have this right?

Determined to get answers, she lies in wait.  Sees the mysterious flower bestower and follows them.  But that only leads to a need for more answers. 

As she is catapulted into self-realization, discovery, new friendship, and loss; she finds herself re-examining the truths she had held close.  And in the process, rediscovers herself.

Cano is masterful in tackling a touchy, moving subject.  She has created characters that pull at your heart strings, even as their humanity irks slightly. By the end of the book, you are truly invested with their lives and their insecurities. Have tissues ready as there are some poignant passages, you will identify with this young widow and her struggles.

An enthralling read, I was simply not able to put it down till every word was read.  I highly recommend!

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