Pooch Party Cozy Mystery – Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

Pooches, Pumpkins, and Poison

Five of five stars given

“Why would I help you find that out?” “Because whoever killed Traci could have killed you, too. Whether the autopsy results are back yet or not, they will be in a matter of days, and we both know it’s going to show cyanide poisoning, Missy. Had you touched that pumpkin, by, I don’t know, tripping or whatever, you could be dead, too. Do you really want the wrong person going to prison?”

And that’s when things got interesting!

What looks at first as if it might be a vengeful spouse incident, starts looking like it’s a lot more personal and is about Missy herself and her shelter dogs.   Which kicks Missy into investigative gear to get to the bottom of things and protect her pooches!

Aspenson has created a kick ass accidental sleuth in Missy Kingston.  She is sympathetic, engaging, and completely devoted to seeing things through.  And this story has all the earmarks I look for in an engrossing whodunnit; a couple of plausible red herrings, a few rescue dogs for interest, and a budding romantic interest that will keep at least this avid reader coming back with each new installment.   An excellent read, I am highly recommending!

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