Firebug – Wes Snowden

Five of five stars

This was my first foray into Snowden’s work.  As that, it was the one that convinced me I would be reading more from this author.

Firebug grabs you right from the first sentence.  You find yourself in the main character’s [or what I assumed would be a main character] mind set, while still not giving you too much to go on.  Snowden uses this little anonymous introduction to draw you in to what will prove to be an intriguing tale.

This is not a novel for the faint of read; it is of epic length, yet there is no part where it drags.  You are all in from the start and you stay invested to the last words.

What you will find in abundance, as you delve deeper into this tale, is suspense.  Twists, turns, red herrings tossed at you.  Like any good suspense novel, Firebug has plenty of those things.  I found myself changing my mind often about how I thought the trajectory would go.  I’ve never been all that great at getting to the solution before the book has totally unfolded.  Snowden kept me on the edge of my seat – with a couple of interesting plot twists.

It is my understanding that the author plans to continue with this story, likely making it a trilogy.  I look forward to them!

Caveat:  you WILL find some profanity in Snowden’s work.  Don’t let that alarm you, it’s in no way gratuitous, fitting in perfectly with the narrative in each instance. 

[It was my pleasure to receive a pre-publication copy of Firebug for a BETA read.  I was not in any way required to write a review.  The opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.]

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