When Destiny Sings – Judith Cuffe

Five of five stars given

Ann Fitzgerald’s new life started when her mam sent her away from their tiny town to find her fortune in Dublin.  Years later, after her marriages has crumbled, she returns, hoping to find the missing pieces of her story and herself.

This is Cuffe’s debut novel.  But if the calibre of this work is anything to judge by, this will in no way be her last.  She has populated a poignant, gripping story with characters that have substance.  I loved Fliss.  I could see myself easily having a matter over a pout of tea with Tess.  I cried when young Felicity hurt.  And I somehow knew that Ann’s future wasn’t with Dom. 

The tale runs back and forth through several different life stories, at several different points in their lives.  Honestly at first I had no idea how they might intertwine, though I knew that they must.   But that’s the mastery that Cuffe brings to this sometimes sordid, sometimes wonderful, always gripping saga.  When she begins weaving her threads into that tapestry, it all falls into place.

To say I could not put this book down does not even begin to cover it.  I was thoroughly invested in every character’s story, needing to know what was next.

An absolutely brilliant debut novel, I cannot wait to read more from this author!

[Many thanks to Booksirens and the author for the opportunity to read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.   This is my honest review, the opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.]

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