Vigilante Justice Series – Alan Chaput

Vigilantes for Justice, Book Three
Five of five stars given

When asked by a friend to look into what she thinks might be a Ponzi scheme she’s a victim of, Patricia can find nothing that points to anything untoward.  Reluctantly, when urged, she digs deeper.  As it’s becoming patently clear everything is not what it should be, the man at the head of that scheme is murdered in his home.  When the “murder weapon” is found not far from the scene and proves to be Patricia’s gun, the puzzle gets more perplexing.

Patricia and her team jump into action in a race against time – and a resurfaced nemesis – to clear her name.  In another page turner, Chaput weaves his magic yet again with a plot line that seems all too plausible.  Another entry into this series that I could not put down, this one has made me impatient for the next installment. Highly recommend this whole series!


I love finding new-to-me authors and I just as much love finding a new series that is already a few books in. Besides making the next book easy to find, it allows me to immerse myself in characters that I really love, and invest myself in their lives. It was just this sort of instant affinity that I found in the pages of Alan Chaput’s Vigilante series. Book One was gifted to me by the author as part of a promotion. Book Three I came across quite by chance and purchased it on sight. Then today, finding myself with time on my hands for pleasure reading, I decided to go in search of Book Two. Which I found on my Kobo site, and which I was able to purchase with points! Don’t you just love loyalty points?!?

But enough about that. This is a series that is uniquely different. Not quite a cozy, yet not really a thriller; it had elements of both. Combined with a large dollop of religious interaction, high society niceties, and the not so nice interference of the darker elements of society, these books are engrossing. Fast paced, definitely page turners. Make sure you have nothing planned when you sit down with one of these, you won’t put it down till it’s done! Promise!


Savannah Secrets, Book Two

Five of five stars given

A missing husband.  A missing religious relic.  An uninvited rattler in her bed.   And her husband’s wedding band on a red ribbon.   Patricia’s life is quickly put on lockdown, a not unfamiliar though certainly unwelcome experience.

When it comes to light that the murder of an acquaintance is more than likely connected, Patricia knows that it’s time to take matters into her own hands.   With the help of her stalwart Meredith, she starts looking for the answers that will bring Trey home.

Another powerful tale of subterfuge and back alley deals, that has the reader breathlessly turning page after page.   We find ourselves hurtling through shocking alliances and deceptions until finally we stand at resolution.   I enjoyed this second installment in the Vigilante series as much as the first one, and I already have Book Three queued up and ready to go!


Savannah Sleuth, Book One

Five of five stars given

The upper echelon of Savannah society.  Organizations that work behind the scenes to keep Savannah’s streets safe.  When one of their own is mysteriously murdered, they all come together to solve the baffling crime.   And they all become potential targets!    They close ranks, bunker up, call in favours; and then the Holy See gets involved.   Chaput weaves an intricate tale of murder, intrigue, and betrayal; at the root of which is a monetary legacy large enough to overcome any scruples.   But will this betrayal go unpunished?  It’s a race against time as we breathlessly read on to see which side comes out the victor.

I found this novel hard to put down!   “One more chapter!” quickly turned into five, then ten; until finally the last page arrived.   An excellent story, masterfully written!   I’ve found a new-to-me author that has already been added to my “must read” list.   I was extremely happy to find that this is only Volume One; and I’m now off in search of the rest of this writer’s booklist.   I cannot recommend reading this strongly enough!

[I received a copy of this book from the author, for an honest review of the book.   The opinions expressed herein are my own.]

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