Travel Can Be Murder – Jennifer S Alderson

Death By Baguette, Book Two

Five of five stars given

Travel, beautiful landmarks and tourist attractions; and a whole cast of endearing characters – well, except for the baddies, of course!  Alderson’s sleuth is a tour guide that stumbles across dead bodies while leading groups on exciting adventures. This time, she’s on a Romantic Valentine’s Week in the City of Lovers – Paris.  Can I just tell you that this is already right up my alley because I LOVE to travel!

Well written, wonderful tidbits from the city they’re visiting, show that this narrative was expertly crafted and much research was done.  Alderson fills her story with lots of information about the places to see, insights that I found quite interesting as to expectations of places versus their reality in a modern world. I found it quite interesting how she built petty – and not so petty – issues among the members of the group. I’m not sure I’ve read anything quite so engaging in a long time, ANY one of them could easily have been the culprit! BUT this reader was actually able to sniff out the real villain before the big reveal. Yaayyy me!!!

A great new-to-me series and author!  This is Book Two of the series, but was a great stand alone.  I will be going back to read the first and then continuing on from there.  I love it when I discover a really good new series that’s already several volumes in, don’t you?!

An excellent read that I highly recommend!

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