The Becić Connection – Estelle Ryan

The Connection Series, Book Fourteen
Five of five stars given

“Oh, honey.” Francine fluttered her eyelashes.  “If René is the degenerate I think he is, you won’t find him in the legal places. ”  She gave Luka a saccharine smile, lacking any sincerity.  “Don’t you worry your brave little heart about this.  I’ll find the big bad criminal.”

Francine’s playful character is in sharp contrast to the way the Croatian team works.  They’re baffled, but also intrigued by her place on this French team that’s turned up in their world.

Something has landed on the Croatian’s doorstep though, and they know they must all work together to beat it.

Stolen artwork.
Nikki kidnapped.
Missing treasure.
A treasure map.
And a race against time.

Ryan has done what she does best in this fourteenth entry to her Connection series.  The action starts the minute you open the book and is relentless until the very last sentence.  There is corruption, intrigue, the worst of the sinister underside of the world.  And more than a little veracity in her descriptions of the transactions that abound on the darkweb.  Fiction that comes so close to reality that it will have you looking at everything with a more skeptical, discerning eye.

A great series, each book can be read as a stand alone easily.  With such engaging characters, vivid descriptions of beautiful places; and more than a few lessons from the world art masterpieces, Ryan’s Connection Series is a series you’ll want to delve into. You will become more and more invested with Genevieve, Colin, Vinny and the rest of this colourful crew.

My name is Roxx, and I am an addict!  I confess to devouring Ryan’s books the minute they are live on my Kobo.  And then, much like today, when it sadly ends, I wait impatiently for Estelle to announce that the next installment is ready for pre-order.   I have no doubt you too will become an addict.

Happy Realease Day Estelle, Genvieve,and gang! I look forward to many more of these days!

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