Deadlock – Fiona Quinn

Uncommon Enemies, Book Three

Five of five stars

In the first pages of Deadlock, we meet Randy and Rooster – code name Honey – just coming off an assignment in Africa and heading to Tanzania for some R & R with Randy’s sister Meg.  Except the guys aren’t on R & R long before they’re assigned to protect Meg and the other scientists in her group.

With her usual uncompromising talent for the fine details, Quinn has crafted another masterpiece.  The time and attention she expends on knowing her subjects – weaponry, the military, strategy, politics, third world countries and their issues – all combine to give the reader an experience they won’t soon forget.  These characters are engaging, sympathetic, and sometimes even humorous.   The situations in which they find themselves leave me awestruck.  That she weaves a thread of romance throughout is a part of what makes these “romantic thrillers” but the thrill is always the leading character.

I highly recommend this book and this author!


I am a bona fide fan of Quinn’s work.  I discovered her while doing a reading challenge in a FB group – whose name escapes me now.  She had the first book – Open Secret, you can read my review here on the blog – in her FBI Joint Task Force series available for anyone who wanted to read.  I did.  And subsequently read the next two in that trilogy in rapid succession.  I had the pleasure of being a BETA reader for her latest offering – Book One in Cerberus Tactical K9Survival Instinct.  I’m waiting anxiously for Book Two.

That said, I purchased Deadlock outright.  Admittedly, it was a mistake – I thought I was purchasing the first in the set.  No matter, Quinn’s books stand alone quite nicely, and I will back track to catch them up!  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

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