Tracks & Flashbacks – Trixie Silvertale

Mitzy Moon Mysteries, Book Nine

Five of five stars

When we left Mitzy and crew at the end of Book Eight, we were given a bit of a teaser for what was to come in Book Nine.  Well played Ms Silvertale, well played!  I was literally left with bated breath in anticipation of “what comes next”.

You’ll recall Sheriff Too-Hot-to-Handle had just uncovered that Coraline Moon – Mitzy’s mom – had been murdered.  AND he’d offered to go back to Phoenix with Mitzy to get to the bottom of that cold case.

Heading to what ostensibly was her home for many years, Mitzy plans to return in style.  That involves a First-Class Suite for the flight from Almost-Canada, and topnotch accommodations in a luxury hotel once they arrive in Phoenix.  They’re off to a great start.

Well friends, let me tell you that along with the temptations that “rooming with the Sheriff” will foist on Mitzy, Tracks & Flashbacks hits our heroine with painful memories, amazing insights, and a cold case that has tentacles reaching through intrigue, deception, and corruption.  Far more than they had bargained for.  Not knowing who – if anyone – they can trust, Erick and Mitzy find themselves running for cover.  Though Ghost-Ma, Pyewacket, and Silas aren’t nearby physically, the wonders of technology make their invaluable input and advice almost as easily reached. 

In this episode, Erick is getting dangerously close to figuring out that Mitzy’s insights on their cases are more than just hunches.  While Mitzy is still determined that he shouldn’t be told, I have a feeling that coming clean won’t wait for our heroine to be “ready”.

Silvertale’s characters have long since found their way to being among my favourites.  Tracks & Flashbacks is a stellar entry into this series, with a great back story and – finally – some closure for Ms Moon as far as her mother and her death are concerned.  I believe we’ll see a slightly different Mitzy now that some deep-seated questions have been laid to rest.

A fast paced, nonstop read, Tracks was another Moon tale that I simply kept reading to the end.  I loved this one – caveat, have tissues ready – and settle in, you won’t stop till it’s done.

Mitzy Moon Book Nine releases on 8th September.  The link below will lead you to the preorder page.  Trust me, you’ll want this one as soon as it drops.

[I was fortunate to have received an Advance Reader Copy of this book.  I was not, however, required to write a review.  The opinions expressed herein are freely given and entirely my own.]

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