A Duke, the Lady, and a Baby – Vanessa Riley

Rogues and Remarkable Women, Book One

Five of five stars given

Defrauded of her inheritance, her home, and her child, after the death of her husband. His corrupt uncle and his machinations left her destitute and in an asylum but determined to get back all that was hers by rights. Thanks to the auspices of an organization called Widow’s Grace, she has help in her pursuit; but will she have patience to wait it out?

And then, a chance meeting with the Duke who – unbeknownst to her – intends to depose the corrupt uncle, has her hoping that perhaps finally, there will be someone fighting in her corner.

Though not my usual genre, this was an extremely good story. A romance, of course, but with a good dollop of intrigue to hold your interest easily. Lady Patience Jordan has ingenuity and determination; both of which will stand her in good stead as she works toward getting back to her infant son and foiling the trickery of the would-be Duke, and putting themselves on a ship back to her native Demerara.

Riley has crafted her story well. Introducing twists and turns – and misunderstandings – neatly into the plot line. It certainly piques the reader’s interest to watch how relationships blend and develop over time. As things become clearer, light is shed on past events that may not have been what they seemed.

A charming cast of characters, the deep friendship that develops between Patience and Jemima, the invaluable support of Lady Shrewsbury and the Widow’s Grace; all combine to make this a truly enjoyable read that I highly recommend.

[Many thanks to the author for an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. I was not required to write a review, however. The opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.]

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