The Babbling Book Naked Poker Club – Ann Warner

Boxed Set, Books One thru Five – the complete series

Five stars

While the first book was a bit slow off the mark, it didn’t take long to grab my interest, and you’ll find that The Naked Poker Club are some of the most entertaining retirees you’ll ever have the good fortune to meet!

In Book One, the residents of Brookside Retirement [otherwise known as Babbling Brook] are being taken advantage of so Josephine and her Poker Ladies have decided they’re going to put a stop to it. What happens as they put their plans in effect will have you alternating between gasping with worry and chortling with laughter.

Warner’s characters jump off the page. They are wise cracking, smart, and funny, and amazingly agile for a group of “elderly” folk. They will have you on the edge of your seat with their antics. Best part? There are a few books in this series so there’s no waiting between episodes!

Heart warming moments intermingle seamlessly with snapshots of underhanded dealings. But there is no doubt as to who the good guys are, and which side you are firmly on. Of course, the ending will bring you to tears . . . but, in a very good way!

Warner hits it out of the ballpark with series. I moved quickly along to each next episode. If you haven’t already, get your hands on Babbling Brook . . . you won’t regret it!

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