We Last Saw Jane – Stacy M Jones

A Riley Sullivan Mystery, Book Four

Five stars

We Last Saw Jane is the first Riley Sullivan Mystery I’ve read.  That’s not a caveat.  This book stands alone amazingly, but the characters are endearing, and the writing intriguing to the point that you’ll want to catch up with the previous volumes.

But enough about that.

In Book Four of the series, Riley is about to get married so she’s come home to prepare.  She’s supposed to be relaxing and tending to the last-minute details of her big day.

Except that a girl has gone missing from the boarding school that just happens to be down the road from her mother’s house.  So of course, being familiar with the property from having played with friends there as a child, it only makes sense that she help out her mom’s beau when he’s hired by the girl’s father to investigate.

Nothing is as it seems though, and instead of relaxing and thinking about her wedding, Riley inevitably finds herself determined to resolve this mystery, no matter where it leads.  Especially when it leads to dead bodies.  Packed with twists and turns, We Last Saw Jane really tests your mettle as an armchair sleuth.  I knew there was something nasty afoot, but the source totally threw me!

A great read, Jones’ characters draw you into their lives and you quickly find yourself turning pages with bated breath.  Highly recommend!

[I received an ARC copy of the book from the author, with no obligation to review.  The opinions expressed herein are entirely my own.]

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