Thorn – Fiona Quinn

Uncommon Enemies, Book Four

Five of five stars

Can I just start off by saying, I have yet to meet a Fiona Quinn book that does not keep me up all night reading to the very last word!  Since I first discovered her with a freebie of Open Secret – the first in the FBI Joint Task Force trilogy – I have been an avid fan.

Thorn was no different.  Well, yes, it WAS different in story, narrative, challenges encountered – as it should be – but the attention that Quinn pays every little detail of her work constantly manages to blow me away.  I often find myself wondering what it must be like in the mind of such an author.  How does one keep all the details straight, the research needed, the new things that need to be learned?

But enough about that, on to the story itself.

Not unlike some of Quinn’s other heroes, Thorn is tough, all business, always thinking, always ready, and determined that matters of the heart are not for him!  Until something happens to him the moment he sees a photograph. And still he refuses to acknowledge it.

Enough intrigue to keep you on the edge of your seat.  Enough intimate moments to keep this old woman fanning herself; Quinn is a master storyteller.  Espionage meets deception, meets cunning, meets romance, in a seamless tapestry you cannot help but fall into.  Thorn’s story will stay with you.

Book Four in this series, but don’t let that stop you.  While all of Quinn’s works weave into the Iniquus World she has created and populated with engaging characters and their gripping stories; each one of these can and does stand alone extremely well.  I thoroughly this book and can highly recommend!

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