2022 Blog Project – Series’ in Review

The first month of the New Year has gone! 

And I’ve spent it – pretty much – just reading.

Here’s the thing:  I own a Kindle, but you can’t purchase Kindle titles in Canada.  So, I have an account on amazon.com as well as on amazon.ca.  Which, generally speaking, the .com account allows me to purchase ebooks and sends them to my Kindle.  Except when it doesn’t.  Early last year I had issues with making any kind of purchase of ebooks, no matter where I was trying to purchase from.  It was a huge issue for me because my TBR list [the titles that reside on Kindle that I’ve yet to read] was almost endless.  But then it became an issue so I contacted the ‘zon to see what they could do.  It wasn’t much.  And the bottom line was “you can’t have a .com account if you’re in Canada” and they left it there.  It reminded me of the doctors who said, “if you’d lose weight, you wouldn’t have a cold”.

So, you can see I was frustrated.  I jimmied a few things and it seemed to set it right – for a while.  But then toward the end of last year it started happening again.

But I had my Kindle Unlimited which worked fine, so I KU’d many series, cleaned up some of my TBR, and motored along.

Today, is the Book Birthday for Estelle Ryan’s new book – first in a new spin-off series – called Samaritan – The Duchess Report, Book One.

Since discovering Ryan years ago, I have never missed a pre-order!  When the pre-order link was posted a few weeks ago and it didn’t work, I got mad.  But getting through to the ‘zon can be a pain.  Finally, today I determined that they would fix this or else!

And they did.  A lovely, attentive CSR named Micah, listened to me, poked and prodded my account and fixed it!

Samaritan is now on my Kindle, happily waiting for me to dig in.



Meantime – because I’ve been running through my KU subscription like a crazy lady – I have several series that I’ve binge-read through January.  I mean, the weather is horrific; what else is there to do???

I’ll post a new series review daily, right here attached to this post, until I’ve caught you all up on what I’ve been reading.

Are we having fun yet???