Protective Instinct – Fiona Quinn

Cerberus Tactical K9, Book Two

Five stars given

Caleb Hansen – call sign Ridge – has been watching his friendship with Harper Katz – who is hiding some secrets – grow since they first met in March.  In the midst of a bomb cyclone in Virginia.  When she hired Iniquus to rescue her boss.

Though it’s been mostly long-distance, they are FINALLY spending time together again in DC.

When things take a turn in Quinn’s books, they don’t fool around.  Harper is a curvy girl – thanks Fiona for a curvy character with vulnerability, depth, and mystery – who runs eight miles in an hour.  On a run the morning she’s supposed to be meeting up with Ridge, she comes across and thwarts a kidnapping.  Because she’d been on the phone with Ridge while running, Iniquus is quick on the follow-through and they get the “bad guy” – good job Zeus! – and save the little girl.  And that’s just Chapter One!

We’ve met both Ridge & Harper in Book One of the Cerberus Tactical K9 series, so this one felt like seeing old friends again.  Watching their relationship develop – will she let it? – adds a layer of cheering from your best friend’s corner.  But don’t doubt it, Protective Instinct lives up to its title.  There are more bad guys, but the good guys stand at the ready to do battle. The bad guys are devious, the good guys are determined, the hard part is in watching from the edge of your seat, while you pray that the right side overcomes.

AND there’s puppits!!! Beautiful Tactical K9s, trained in search and rescue, trained to “get the bad guy”, but also just big puppies when it’s time to relax. I’m not sure who I love more in this series, the human characters, or the dogs!

Usually, I love Quinn’s characters – well, except for the obvious bad guys – but this is one time that a supposed good person rubbed me the wrong way.  Harper’s boss is someone that I really won’t miss if she never turns up in another book!  That a character can do that speaks to me of the skill with which they’re drawn.  The relationship between the two main characters is heartwarming, while at the same time frustrating.  They both have some learning to do about trust.  Can they do it?  While dodging life-threatening events?

Though Protective Instinct is Book Two in this new Quinn series, it reads well as a stand-alone, but I guarantee that you’ll want to catch up with Book One and the rest of Iniquus World as well!

[I received an Advance Reader Copy of this book from the author, with no obligation to review. The opinions expressed herein are given voluntarily and are entirely my own.]

The book – as with all of the Iniquus World series’ – is available on Amazon [I have no affiliation] here:
So go get it!!!

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